Rooms and Suites

Due to its geographical location in a rural area and the calm atmosphere that prevails, the rooms of our guests house  offers you the serenity, tranquility and peace that you needed.


Located on the ground floor and have a panoramic terrace, it is intended for the residents of the hotel as well as visitors, where you can have your breakfast, hot and cold drinks as well as salty and sweet snacks.


The catering at the Akchour guest house is a gourmet journey from the gastronomic heritage of the region to a modern and light cuisine, to delight your taste buds, with quality service, in a pleasant, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Discover The flavors of our Traditional Moroccan specialties with a mediterranean touch.

It’s a place where you can eat well for cheap. You can also sleep there to visit early in the morning the gorges of Akchour.

Lahouari Boulayoun


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